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Opportunities with NoVo Agency - change your life for the better

It is not easy to understand the intricacies of German labor legislation and find a suitable employer. Use the services of NoVo Agency, a reliable intermediary.  The opportunity to get a safe and highly paid position in a legal German enterprise.

Cooperation with NoVo Agency is the guarantee of legal employment
  • free consultation
  • easy and transparent interaction with the employer
  • comprehensive support at each stage of cooperation
  • accompanying the client even after arrival
  • assistance in formalization of documents
We are interested in the success of every client. We help to find vacancies that allow to reveal the skills of the applicant to the maximum and earn decent wages.


Germany - a country of opportunity

On 3rd March 2020, the law on the arrival of qualified specialists to work in Germany came into force. Thanks to this law, the existing official barriers were removed and a number of benefits were introduced allowing specialists to come to Germany. This law applies mainly to citizens of the “third world” countries, with higher education and highly qualified professions. Novo Agency will take over all the necessary formal work that You need.

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